Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh - that's funny.

It seems like much longer than two weeks ago my neighbor got back from Mexico with delicious Chicklets I pleaded for him to get me. Which I'm almost out of.

Yes, I know you can buy American Chicklets. Not the same. They must be packaged in these little tiny packages of 4. Now I have to hunt down a source for Mexican Chicklets.

In my mind it seemed more like a month ago. So when I was milling around hundreds of people this weekend - it was only a passing thought that if he'd brought something back - how many people I would then be passing something onto. Since we've had ample contact. And BTW, the flu thing only really started rolling on Friday anyway. So why would I care much at that point? The whole thing is much more hype-ey today. Four days later.

I actually wouldn't have even given it a second thought at all, if his mom hadn't been sick soon after he got back. This is the Bay Area after all, most people don't stay home when they are sick. It gets better though.

Go back through my blog and see how many hundreds of people I have come into contact with since the 10th of April. Which is roughly when my neighbor got back from Mexico.

I would guess at least 1000 people. Just from me!

This People - is why these things can't be contained. Just sayin.


  1. That's why Quarantine won't work these days. It's usually too late by the time symptoms show up.

  2. Hey! Your aren't harshing my panic. Are you? Oh wait.. was I paniced?

    Is anyone actually paniced? Exept the news media that is?