Sunday, April 19, 2009

Next time.

I should have walked into this place. But I didn't. I'm more of a traditionalist. I get a little caught off guard by restaurants that cross great spans of the food landscape. Yet, now I feel like maybe they made burgers with donut buns. That would have been picture worthy.


  1. There was a place near us in MD that had "CHINESE FOOD-SUBS-WINGS!!!" on it's huge a$$ sign.

    Weird. Surprisingly we never ate there.

  2. Yeah- I'm not into that. There was a place here in town that had a straight up American sounding name. We went in and it did breakfast, Chinese food, and sushi.

    When they couldn't do breakfast well, we tapped out.

    I'm still regretting not going into the donutburger place.

  3. I've been in there, but never had their burgers. They put the sign up about two years ago. I can't remember what it said before then. The place is really grungy inside, but is pretty much a typical liquor store. It always seems like there's a rough crowd hanging out in front.

  4. Yeah - I can see that.

    I was too distracted by the police arresting some guy - to notice the liquor store part. See following. I'm betting the liquor store crowd shakes down bart riders, then just goes over to by booze. Why not just put up a pot club and be done with the whole thing? One stop shop.

    The area was actually slightly better than I imagined. Although after walking down 7th for a while I was glad I took bart. About every third car space you could see where a car window had been smashed out, and the glass remained. It very clearly looked like a prime spot to have your car broken into.

    P.S. Once summer hits you are going to be sad you choose green acres. None of that wonderful bay cooling.

  5. Hahaha, actually I think that there is a pot club nearby. It would at least explain the appeal of the burger/donut combo.

    Can't say I'm a big fan of the heat, will have to have a swamp cooler for sure. So far haven't had any offers accepted, so I'm still looking. Who knows maybe I'll get lucky and find one with a pool.

  6. "Hahaha, actually I think that there is a pot club nearby. It would at least explain the appeal of the burger/donut combo."That is what I was thinking!

    I'm hearing the banks are taking 4 to 5 months to approve now. My neighbor just got a place and it took him that long. His dad put an offer on a place, and it's been months. Just silence.

    Have they declined, or have you just not heard? I hear you wait and wait and wait. If they haven't said no yet - it is normal business right now apparently.

    When I heard BOA whining today about lending not returning to normal I got a little throbbing in my neck. I don't care what anyone says. It doesn't take 5 months to verify income. Unless it's the government who is verifying. Then well..carry on.

  7. Banks are for Noobs, I use a credit union. Not only do I save on the rate by going not for profit, but they don't screw with you like the big banks do. Getting access to credit seemed pretty easy, the tougher part has been finding a place to actually buy.

    On Friday one house was relisted after their previous deal went through, saw it on Saturday and then this Monday morning was told that someone else bought it and I couldn't bid. It's so frustating.

    A month ago this house had been on the market for six months, now it's a hot property. If I didn't know any better, I'd just start offering crazy money so I can be done with this, but I know that the banks are holding back inventory and it's creating artificial scarcity in the market. Luckily, I have an unusual amount of tenacity when it comes to these things. After this weekend, I bet I will have looked at 50 houses by now.

  8. I'm not sure what kind of bullshit the banks are playing, but this is no market like I've ever seen. In a normal market - as many people who want to bid do so. Highest qualified bidder gets house. Now it seems like agents are blocking bids by saying the house is sold. Which may be true. They have a pre-qualified who bids the house. All bidding stops.

    With the way they are handling the market, I can't tell if they think
    the market hasn't fallen enough so they won't provide loans. Or the market has fallen too much and like you said - are holding back inventory.

    Clearly though - there is some motivation for bottlenecking the market. I just can't figure out what it is.

    After 50 houses I would have tapped out. And waited the market out. Don't start getting all crazy and throwing cash at them.

    Best of luck. Interesting to see what is happening on your side of the hill though.