Friday, April 24, 2009

I see u.

Yeah - I know you are all wondering where I am. I'm wondering too. I have a general inability to focus today. Which makes my head hurt. Or maybe it's sniffing all the paint. I'm not sure which. At any rate - I don't have anything interesting.

Now that I have primer up on the walls, I have this overwhelming urge to run and buy some flooring. Which will basically entail tearing everything out of the computer room to install it. And, lets face it. I'm going to be tearing everything out of this room. Mr S. knows that. You know it. We all know it.

I have to do my bit for the e-con-omy! Also, it looks like housing is stalling again - so I might as well try to get in on a deal while I'm not completely freaked out about the world collapsing.

I think I can get it done in two days. Except for the whole computer nightmare.

I also have to make my way to dimsum this weekend. Yes.... I'm hopelessly addicted to it right now. You walk in and they bring you stuff right away. Oh how I love that.

At first I loved the idea of never being quite sure what they were going to bring. But, I've been secretly been going almost every week.

Now I just want them to bring the things I want. Which means learning some of their words. Oh my gawd people. You see the same servers every week so I know they recognize me by now. So when I asked them specifically for sumai - I've never seen anyone so excited to get me something in my life. I'm sure they were thinking "holy crap - finally"!

I should also have something else interesting for you this weekend. But, I hate plugging stuff in case it sucks - or I decide not to go.

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