Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chase the...

I have an unhealthy attraction to rainbows. Oh yes. I never tire of them.

Today we had a weird storm blow in. It was raining in the upper atmosphere all day. The rain wasn't hitting the ground. I didn't even expect rain. I expected cold. Because, annoyingly things have been mostly warm lately and I have tomato plants in already. Onions. Soybeans and cukes. So I've had to find all sorts of things to to cover all that crap. I even had to cover my cherry tree back up. It's already spitting out cherry babies. Someday I hope it will be a big tree and not need coddling. But, nobody here owns cherry trees. So I baby the hell out of it. It's sort of a throwback to the old timey Silicon Valley. At least the one I remember where there were still tons of cherry trees here. Long after all the other orchards had gone.

Anyway. About six - the rain started dropping. Ish. Mr S. and I had the rainbow debate. Sun - angle - sky. Whatever. We went out and picked up Pho, and on the way back I was sure the sun was going to poke out. But, didn't do so until I got back to the house. Which was good because I was able to grab my wide-wide lens to get a full half circle shot. My first.

I also realized there was snow on the mountain tops. Seems kind of late in the season for that. But, at least I got all my stuff covered.

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  1. Wow, that half circle is fabulous! - Good luck with the cherry.