Wednesday, April 08, 2009

That time of the month.

NO! Not that time. You don't think I'm going to talk to you about that do you?

There is this period of time between when my renter pays me, and the first of the month - where I get all amnesia-ish. I think being a landlord is fine. Just fine. It isn't so bad, I think. Maybe I won't sell that house. The rest of the time I'm wanting to evict him. I think I might have lost count how many times I've wanted to evict him now actually. Because, when it comes down to it - he's a big giant pain in the ass.

Oh, you know when I said something good about my renter - he was going to turn into a big giant tard. Right? Last month he was actually good. Which made me all honeymoonish.

The thing that drives me the most nuts if having to be a nudge. I swear, if I ever decide to be a landlord again - I'm just going to pay someone to be a rent nag. Because that shit pisses me off. Especially because of the accompanying lame excuses. When he could just be honest and say he was having problems that month, and give me a date in which he will pay.

We used to talk to each other about every three months. I liked it that way. Now, I guess I'm on the monthly plan. If I'm not thanking him for paying on time. Ish. I'm poking him to see if he's going to pay me at all.

His excuses include - his buddy fell off a building, and he was in the hospital with him. And, his roommate was going to drop off the check. Who's never been to my house. And oh yeah - there was the "I was in Cabo excuse". You all believe those excuses. Right?

In just plain gossip news. My neighbor - who has been living with his momma the whole time I've lived here. Three years. Just bought a condo about a month ago. Yet he hasn't stayed one night there. I've been meaning to ask him about it. I kinda don't get a single guy who has his own place now, not staying there. I wouldn't care how messed up the place was. I'd be sleeping in between paint cans if I had to.

What is that about.. I wonder. I need to know - so when I ask him, I'm not too much of an asshole about it. We are text friendly, but still. I don't want to make him feel insecure. Which he probably should. He's got his own place after all!

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