Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party.

The first Tea party we made it to today is Pleasanton Ca. The whole time I've lived in the East Bay - I've never seen a protest there. In my town sure. We have a lot more peacenics. And, the city is trying to make the town into an "artsy" community. Which is another way to say "jobless peacenics".

Anyway I digress. I was really surprised at how many people were at the protest. I'm not going to guess, because I'm pretty bad at people estimation. But, there were a lot more than I expected. It was quite the spectacle. I figured a couple hundred people would turn out. It was 2:00 on a weekday after all. There was plenty of people driving by honking.

I have to admit - this was my favorite sign. Her font left a little to be desired. If you can't read it - it says "At least the pirates are open about it".

I have to admit - I'm over the "Don't tax me Bro" signs. It was funny the first dozen times I saw it. Now, not so much.

While I was taking pictures spastically - Mr S. was talking to these guys in lawn chairs. Asking them about the turn out. The guy said the crowd had grown all day. The way he knew is that the crowd kept getting closer to him. Apparently he'd staked a spot on the outskirts, and people kept getting closer and closer to where he was. It sounded like he planned to camp out there all day.

The other interesting thing Mr S. relayed to me was the lawn chair guys had commented about how a speaker from the Republican party had spoken there earlier. Which in their opinion diminished the bipartisan message.

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