Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God saved me from getting lost.

Oh - just wait till people run across this title and land on my blog. Why I never! Let me save you the trouble people. This isn't the blog for you. Leave now.

Anyway. This weekend I took Bart. I've lived in the valley off and on my whole life. But, I'd never been on the Bart train. I spent many a years on the bus, and the moment I got a paying job - I found something with wheels to drive. Sometimes it didn't have a radio. Or more accurately, it often would have a giant gaping hole where a radio would go. Which was really fing cold in the winter. Giant gaping hole that sucks all heat from car was still much better than waiting for the bus.

So I figure if I don't have to think about getting on the train to go in one direction. That same train should bring me back.

I think I was somewhere in Fremont when I said to Mr S. "Are you sure we are going in the right direction"? He assured me we were. Baby, I don't think so, I said. You see those big giant crosses in the distance? That is the freeway. It doesn't look like this train is going back that way.

It turns out the train wasn't going that way. Which resulted in me having to take 4 trains to get home. But - I found it really amusing that those damn churches with the 30 foot high crosses are the only landmarks I could see that resulted in me not getting too far out of my way.

Well, god noticed that. Apparently. And started pulling in favors. Because this morning the church people showed up on my doorstep. Or maybe it was just a coincidence. But still. Funny.


  1. It was a sign!! They wanted to shoe you THE WAY!!!!

    In MD/DC, it took me about two years to figure out that if I got off to change trains, I had to walk to the OTHER side of the platform. Or the next train would either be taking me back the way I came, or in the direction I was originally traveling. Not that I rode the Metro often, so that's my excuse.

  2. Ha ha ha. Not to be greedy or anything, but if they were really trying - shouldn't they have given me some sun rays falling over the crosses? It was more of a eh - if you notice, you notice - sort of thing.