Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The constant itch.

When I first looked at this house, I walked into one of the bedrooms and said "holy crap - this room looks like a dungeon. It would be perfect for a computer room".

It was at that point I fully embraced the room and painted it a deep midnight blue. A couple of years in - I've realized the room bends space and time. Looking at the monitors give you a deep tunnel feeling, because all that is around - is darkness. Especially at night.

I guess those dark colors only really work when you have a great light source. But listen, if I had to put on another tan color in a house I owned I was going to loose my will to live. Honestly, if I'm trying to get rid of the place - tan rules. Just - not now.

Anyway. After buying the most expensive primer I could find. Oh yes. Midnight blue isn't the kind of color you get rid of without a fight. I've got a couple of walls primered. And for the love of all that is right in the world. I didn't realize how big this room is. I can see the corners. When you can't see where one wall ends and the next begins - you know you have problems.

I hope I can keep my inner junkie under control. I hadn't even set foot into a home improvement store in 6 months. I had to squash my urge to destruct something. After walking into Home Depot I was pleasantly surprised they hadn't changed a thing. Sort of like going back to your parents house after you grow up.

Well, maybe surprised is the wrong word. Shocked is more like it. Don't they understand that not changing the merchandise doesn't help them get people in the door?

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