Sunday, April 19, 2009

Somewhat bad ass car. Stalker edition.

People! You know how I love to see sports cars on the roads. Makes me feel like all is right with the world. Especially the world here in the valley. Before the economy tanked I was seeing a couple super swanky sports cars a month. Yesterday I saw a Ferrari, but I didn't have my camera out.

When the crash happened it seemed like everyone garaged their fancy sports cars. Now they are starting to come back out. Which makes me happy.

However.... there are some people who shouldn't be allowed to drive expensive sports cars no matter how rich they are. One of those people is this guy. Maserati guy.

Mr S. saw him in the rear view mirror and said "what is this car coming up". And I swear to you - we had exactly the same conversation that we had here.

Me - Baby, it's a toy-o-ta.

Him - No, I think it's another one of those Maserati's.

Since he was right last time, and this super amazing radar ability for sports cars - I thought we should slow down to find out. Yes.. I said it. Slow down. Normally I'm having to kick the hemi in to catch these guys.

This however is where I became surly and started hating Maserati guy. He was driving in the slow lane. Mr S. had to slow so far down - it became completely ridiculous. I tried to get a shot of the car and the camera was switched in a way I couldn't.

We wound up passing Maserati guy. Doing the speed limit. Then he was bunched up with a bunch of people. We wound up camping out in the slow lane waiting for this guy to catch up to us. I finally told Mr S. to go slow enough that he needed to pass us so I could get a picture. Which he didn't do until we got down to 50 miles an hour. Really. Not only is it an oh so meh almost unrecognisable as a sports car - sports car. He doesn't even drive it fast!

Hell, I don't even own a Maserati - but if I did, I wouldn't go 50 miles an hour. Maserati guy continued to stay in the slow lane. Driving like a grandma. People passing him. Like he was driving a Toyota. Not a Maserati. Why bother buying a fast car, if you aren't going to work the engine?

After I was done taking pictures, Mr S. said "it would be funny if it was that same Maserati we saw in Cupertino". Which made me remember I had pictures of the guys license plate. Sure enough. It's the same one.

I'm not sure how to feel about that. On one hand Maserati dude likes the sames things we do. Apparently. On the other - he drives like a grandma.

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  1. It's probably like in Risky Business or something. He just got it out of the shop, and is driving reeeeally slow to make sure nothing dings the new paint job.

  2. Maybe. Next time I see him I will suggest a bicycle.

  3. He was just driving slowly so you could take pictures. ;) Or so everyone could get a really good look at him and his toy.