Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Four walls and a bubble.

Some days I wonder if the analyst's ever get their predictions right. Or economists for that matter. Sure, things should work a certain way. They often don't. Because, human behaviour is funny that way. If everything worked the way it was suppose to - well, life would be a very different looking place. Now wouldn't it?

So, the thing that set me off this morning. The analysts talking about those shovel ready projects. One guy said he wasn't seeing any evidence that "shovel ready" projects were being worked on.

Which immediately made me think "none of these guys live in California". I've actually been bitching about this for a few months. Off and on.

Mainly because construction guys step on a particular nerve of mine. For every one guy you have working, you have three just standing around doing nothing. If you have them working on your house - they will camp out and start eating your food if you let them.

Sure, some of them work really, really hard. Most of them are just clocking in. If you could teach a monkey to retrieve the correct tools, it would be just as good as some of them. So, my radar is constantly on the guys working on the "shovel ready" projects. It helps that you can not drive a mile in any direction without seeing red construction cones. And at least a half a dozen guys just standing around doing nothing.

Just this weekend it took me 25 minutes to get out of Fremont. Never mind I was only about 2 miles from the freeway. I should have been able to get all the way to Mountain View in 25 minutes. The road into Fremont was closed down to one lane, so we decided to take a different route out. Which they also had narrowed from three lanes to one lane. Which, oh so annoyingly, was the road that led to Fry's electronics. I seriously thought people would get out of their cars and start beating eat other. It was that frustrating. They had it narrowed in all four directions. They didn't warn you before you got onto the road they were narrowing. And, you were trapped at that point and unable to take a different route.

At any rate, maybe some of these analysts should come to California instead of their four walled bubble in New York. Because here, it takes a serious amount of extra time to get anywhere due to all the roads being torn up. Just sain'.