Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thin. Oh - so - thin!

The original plan was to go up to San Fransisco to the Cherry Blossom Festival.

About ten miles out of town, we had to abort that idea. The freeways were completely packed. We'd already started listening to navsat traffic, and knew there were complete swaths of freeway that were basically parking lots. So, we changed route - and just went out to lunch in Cupertino.

Everywhere we went there was heavy traffic.

Half way home we had a big debate about going to Fry's. We weren't really excited about anything. I mean we are, but the stuff we really want doesn't come out till at least summer. There are netbooks, but better ones are suppose to be out around summer. That kind of thing. But, we decided to go anyway. We were kinda bored.

Right when we walked in I was shocked to see those super thin televisions that we saw all over at CES.

I hadn't heard of anyone selling them yet. And, I really figured the product cycle on that would be much longer. CES was just four months ago. The same thing happened with laptops. They were all over CES, and laptops are pretty much all people want to buy now.

Anyway, these televisions must be seen to be believed. I'm guessing they are no more than an inch thick. Seriously. Also the colors were really rich. The blacks looked really black, and the yellows looked really yellow. All of them were Samsung LED televisions. I didn't see any other manufacturer there.

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