Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bad ass - ish.

This weekend was pretty busy, yet fairly unproductive.

We went over to the Half Moon Bay to an air show. I'd rather be doing technology stuff - but that area is a little crippled right now. So I have to spread my entertainment choices out a little.

First let me say - I'm not that into planes. Unless they can break the sound barrier. But, they said the Zeppelin was going to be there. I was all into that. They were also giving pretty cheap helicopter rides. Which was also a motivation.

I quickly got my fill of airplanes. So, we decided to pick up a churro and walk to the other side of the show. Which was misc and cars.

It was at this point I decided that California is trying to ruin everything. I swear to you people - I took one bite and realized it was made of whole wheat. Oh yes. A whole wheat churro rolled in sugar. For the love of gawd the greenies want to take the pleasure out of everything. Even event food. Which is suppose to be nothing but bad for you.

Anyway, the day started going downhill from there. It was super windy. The Zeppelin never showed. Because of the wind I didn't want to get into one of those tiny helicopters. Hopefully the cars would salvage the day.

This was about those most bad ass thing I saw on the car side. Though I couldn't really get very good shots of it. The sun was hitting me on this side. The better angle was the one of him next to the porta potties.

I even told the guy, the bike is great - but it sucks you are parked in front of the portojohns. He could have pulled up 5 feet, and his bike would have looked much better. He didn't give a fuck. So whatever. Black on black is a pretty challenging shot.

They'd even made a notch in the tailgate for the tire.

This car set was a little funny. At a lot of these car shows I swear people are trying to get into my shot. There are so many times I start to walk towards a car, and there isn't anyone around it. All of a sudden a group of people will rush over as soon as I get my shot lined up. This time, there were two cars side by side I wanted to get pictures of. They were empty of people. I lined up my shot, the crowd rushed in. The other car was empty. So I laughed and told Mr S. "look, I'm going to try to shoot the other one and see if they rush over to that one". Sure enough.

Mr S. thinks they were less trying to get in my shot and more acting like smoke around a fire. It just follows you no matter what you do.

I don't know what this is - but it looks like a fish.

As we were leaving Mr S. spotted the pricey Maserati. You can't mistake this one for a Toyota.


  1. Was the black & burgundy one with the flat-ish finish - leather? Or just really flat paint?

  2. You know. I'm not sure. I was so cold at that point. I was already on tilt.

    It does look leathery - doesn't it. I'd bet it is flat paint though.