Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm not sure what happens when you call out a blogger. I've never done so before. So, I guess we will see what happens. Especially a guy who posts to Salon.

I started getting a lot of hits on the San Jose riot police post. So I decided to follow the link people were triggering, and ran across this guys blog who was also at the SJ tea party. From his own description - I recognised this guy right away.

One - because his sign stood out to me. "Obama correct Bush's mistakes" It was the only sign I remembered seeing that said anything about Bush. I was looking for these people. This was my third tea party, and I'd grown bored of most of the signs. Two - he was the meekest guy I saw there. He stood out like a sore thumb because of this. So when I read in his post that he was "looking for trouble" I laughed and laughed. Seriously.

My laughter didn't stop there. This is his description of the anti tea party protesters.

"This small contingent of scruffy black clad kids were surrounded by 2 rows of riot cops in full gear, and outside of that a wall of teabaggers hurling every cliched insult from the book: "illegals get the **** out", "this is America", "Get that **** Mexican flag out of my face". It was an ugly scene. I suddenly felt alive."

Ahahahaha. This is the scruffy protesters before they got mixed in with everyone else. See the code pink chick?

Maybe that guy in the front could be considered scruffy. But, he doesn't look that scruffy once he takes his hoody off.

Or maybe he means hello kitty guy. He does have a mean looking mohawk after all!

They did bring the riot police in. But there wasn't even one shove for shits sakes. A few people were yelling at them initially, but it grew obvious nothing was going to happen. So I looped around the park. Are you kidding - if I thought anything was going to happen - I would have stayed planted to get shots of that!

His description of him goading other protesters, and one spitting in his face. Also seems a bit of bravado. I have about a hundred shots from all vantage points. Many of the riot police. I would defy anyone to produce a picture of even a shove. So, for him to say someone spit in his face. That would have provoked a very obvious response from the crowd.

He goes on to say:

"A young black guy standing next to me seemed very amused by my antics. I started talking to him. He wasn't carrying any signs. As it turns out he was an independent, and a little bit confused. He said he liked Huckabee because of his flat tax proposal. He thought Newt Gingrich makes a lot of sense. But then he voted for Obama. He also observed aloud, astutely, that the protestors were almost uniformly white (which is NOT typical of San Jose, CA), and that there was a fair amount of overt racism towards the aforementioned immigration amnesty folks. Confused but honest and talkative. I liked him."

Oh the drama. Half of the immigration amnesty folks were freaking white!

Also mostly white? The International Answer people!

"It's just deeply disappointing to see my fellow leftists become walking caricatures. No matter, I saw a young man and an older fellow- maybe his father- among that contingent, carrying A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition signs. I asked them if ANSWER organized the counter demonstration. "No- it's all spontaneous" We talked a little more. I recalled the huge anti-war march in San Francisco in 2002 (2003, the older fellow corrected me). I told them how grateful I was to the ANSWER coalition for organizing that hugely successful protest which brought >150,000 people to Market Street that day. "

I took a few shots of them, because it was the most pathetic showing a International Answer I'd ever seen. Look, here they are in their little group on the other side of the street watching the protest. And that wasn't even the main protest. That was the spillover protest.

I love that when you see nothing but color - the Bay Area produces a segment of the population that mostly looks about the same color. Unless you are really dark, or really light - most people these days look about the the same color of super weak coffee. Hell most of the 20 somethings in this area I've given up on trying to figure out a race. No kidding, half the time people tell me their nationality and my first thought is "shit - I thought you were white".

Unless you have some obvious other feature, these kids have never seen day light. Since at least half of these folks were old, the grey hair doesn't help. Just sayin'.


  1. There was some shovinglike the little lib punk who grabbed Grandma's breast...but the libiots got the short end of that stick...