Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stranger things have happened. I guess.

You know - over the past week or so, I've become amused with all the coverage of the Tea Parties. All the libs complaining about them being set up by Fox News. Which I find really funny.

When I went to take pictures of the March07 Monterey Tea Party - I thought I'd come late. I'd been hearing about them for weeks before there was one local enough for me to take pictures at. After the Monterey one, I was curious why Fox hadn't already started covering them. As I recall it took about two weeks before I saw Fox News report on them at all.

Even our local news didn't cover them. I saw the peacock NBC van down in Monterey. At Mc Donalds. Which happened to be right across the street from the protest. I never saw any coverage from them on the Tea Parties.

I am still on the ambivalent side of the fence. I am not a protester. I'm not sure if I believe protests do anything other than clog the streets. Yet, I'm happy to go take photos. So, I'd planned to attend two of them tomorrow. One in the next suburb over, and one in San Jose. That one I'm most curious about. San Jose is more known for Mexican rights protests than tax protests. Naturally I'm curious to see how many people show up.

While trying to get my game plan down - I ran across this site. Teapartyday.com. Which lists thousands of them. Even one in my suburb. Which I haven't been able to confirm. But, it would be amusing.

Surely, there aren't going to be thousands of protests. Right? That would truly shock me.

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