Thursday, April 02, 2009

They changed the world.

And now they are gone.

I have to admit, I can't read this presser without feeling a little melancholy. It was one of the first tech jobs I had, and one of the best places I ever worked at. I don't know anyone who didn't feel that way. Mr S. and I both worked there - though at completely different times. It was one of the most innovative creative companies on the planet. The grandfather of computers that let you run amazing 3D computer graphics.

Most people moved on to work for companies that helped kill them. SGI was full of ego. They never thought things would get smaller, cheaper, faster than what they could produce. They never reacted to the market change. A lesson to all in the valley. There is always some new kid trying to remove you from the top. If you don't react - they will. Bank on it. Still, I'm sad that they could never pull it out of the mud.

On one hand, I'm surprised it took so long, on the other - it still jolts me in a weird way. Even though they have been essentially dead for a long time.

The valley moves on, I guess.

From Yahoo Tech.

"SAN FRANCISCO - Silicon Graphics Inc. will sell the remaining shreds of its fraying franchise to Rackable Systems Inc. for $25 million, punctuating the downfall of a former high-tech star that once dazzled investors and customers with the prowess of its fancy computers."
"Silicon Graphics was founded in 1981 by a group including renowned entrepreneur Jim Clark, who went on to even greater fame and fortune in the 1990s when he helped launch Web browser pioneer Netscape Communications.

Silicon Graphics emerged as an investment darling in the 1990s with a line of high-powered computers that wowed investors and movie lovers alike with their ability to produce special effects in films like "Jurassic Park" and "Terminator 2."

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