Monday, July 30, 2007

No pictures please.

I'm a little confused at vendors who come to events and refuse to let you take pictures. For instance, I got one shot and this vendor shut me down. It always seems really random.

I always honor their requests... but it still always seems really lame. You can buy these butterfly shadow boxes in a bunch of catalogs.

Plus, they are at an event selling their items in front of a massive amount of people. Why don't they want the extra exposure?

Additionally, if they really don't want anyone taking photos - why not stick up a sign so people know up front?


  1. some retailers who do this are just rude, but in this case it may be that the flash degrades the color of the butterflies.

  2. Hmmm. That is a really good point. They could just put a sign up that tells people not to use flash. I rarely use flash as my camera works in low non-existant light.

    It is something I hadn't thought of though. They probably are sensitive to light.