Friday, July 06, 2007

I have to do something nice.

My husband has this work friend who is an amazing photog. He is constantly giving us good advise, and really has saved us a lot of money by helping us buy camera lenses.

Yesterday my husband comes home and tells me his work friend is going to lend us one of his lenses. Which is really super nice. These things are crazy expensive. Its like saying " here, I'm going to let you borrow my expensive china - I trust you not to break it".

Work friend is always offering and I'm always resisting because I hate to borrow peoples stuff. As a matter of a fact, another work friend sent home a lens with my husband before I could resist, and I never even used it because I was afraid something might happen to it.

So -now I think I should do something nice to thank him for all his advice, and lending of camera equipment.

Well.. short of asking him and his wife out to dinner. Because lets face it, I don't want to admit what an inferior photographer I am. And he's one of those guys who is really into photography and might just wind up talking about it the whole night. I'm just trying to give the illusion I can take good photos.

So I'm trying to figure out something that would be really thoughtful to thank this guy.

Since he is a transplant from Canada I thought maybe something uniquely Canadian might be nice. Short of that.. just something nice will do. Since my readers always have the best ideas - I thought I'd ask what you guys would do.


  1. Next best thing to taking them out to dinner, a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

    Other than that, my ladies at Reject the Koolaid all Canadian, they might help with Canadia gifts. The only thing I can think of that The Librarian likes that is kind of Canadian are Licorice Candy Allsorts. Though that might be more of her family's English side coming out.

  2. .....accidentally drop your towel coming out of the shower?