Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm gonna need a fleet of these!


  1. Heh, it's like something off doctor who :)

  2. They look a little scary, you could make a robot horror movies with these. I like that you can program in the personality. You should make it schizophrenic like Saffron and see if they get along.

  3. Caramaena - now I'm going to have to find a youtube link to see drwho. I'm hearing a lot of people talk about it lately.

    Davis - scarey! We were planning to do exactly that. She's pretty neurotic though, for a while she was freaking out over the roomba's.

    So we thought we'd start out on shy mode. Then transfer it at night to accomodate her night time switch.

    I wonder how long it would take to go crazy with all those roboquads in a room?

  4. AAA!! The Replicators from SG1 have begun their attack!