Sunday, July 01, 2007

Damn overachievers.

Okay - So I'm going to push out a couple more entries about the faire before I loose interest.

I took this picture especially for Mommy De Gallo. Because she is a kick ass quilter. And I secretly thought I could get her to do crazy projects.

I'm so totally not into quilting, but MDG caused me to actually drag my husband around the whole quilting building. Which is big deal because those people on those little rascal scooters drive me insane.

Can you believe this quilt only took third place in ... hell.. I don't know what the competition is called for quilting. I'm sure MDG will tell me because she rocks.

Click to enlarge.

1 comment:

  1. Holy CRAP! That is mother freaking insane! I can't even imagine the hours that had to go into that. A bit tacky, but you gotta admire the mad skilzzz.
    I'm still wrapping my head around a robot quilt.
    I can't believe that you drug Mr. S around the quilting arena.