Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why can't XM get this right yet?

I'm sure a lot of people read this blog and think I'm an incorrigible harpie.

But - I can't be that bad when a customer support rep actually thanks me for being nice. Right?

Especially when I start out a conversation with the following.

Support rep - gives me a standard XM customer support greeting.

Me- " I just want you to know - I'm going to yell at you. I want you to know that it's not you. It's the company, but I want to give you a choice to either listen to me or transfer me to a manager".

Support rep - Giggles then says "I get yelled at all day, and I've never had anyone so nicely warn me". When we were done with the call she thanked me again for being so nice. Which I didn't really think I was being.

Now the problem. This morning I hop into the car to run an errand, and find out XM is dead. I'm immediately pissed, because I thought XM and I had covered this problem in August. Oh yeah.. we did. Look here at this blog entry.

"All I want from them is to link our credit card to this radio so when the trial period is over - 3 months or 12 months, whatever- they will start charging us. Did I mention how long we have been customers with the same credit card number on file? Oh yeah.. I covered that.

Apparently... customer service can not do this until a few weeks before our trial period expires. So I have to call them back. But how the F am I going to know when that is, because they are sending me notices every two weeks. By this time my husband is talking to them, due to my accelerating sarcasm. I'm not nasty... and I do laugh while I am telling him to tell them - that if our service gets cut off, I am going to call them back and completely wig out. She claims she stuck this in the notes.. I'm sure it just says difficult.

Now, I realise it was my responsibility to call back. Because I have nothing better to do than check every week trying figure out if I'm in that 3 week window in which I need to call customer support to have them link my credit card. I'm just sitting around eating bon bons. My life isn't complicated and busy.

I just don't understand why a new technology company doesn't just make it so when I manage my account from their website - I can tell them to continue a service after the trial period is up. It's just a button!

Or for that matter, when I specifically call customer support and tell them I want them to automatically start billing me after my trial is up.

Listen XM... you can see we have a history together. Look at your database. And why after paying them for 4 years am I still having to call customer support for issues that could be managed by their website anyway?

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  1. Good lord. You know it's bad when you can't make companies take your money.