Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yes... I can be a pain in the ass too.

I must tell you about our trips to the electronics stores. Mainly because it is one of the few times I don't get annoyed shopping. I'm easily distracted, off in my own little world.. and generally excited. So I don't have as much time to focus on other peoples annoying ticks.

Well.. maybe I'm lying a little. I do get annoyed when I go to check-out and the bar code on my curiously strong magnet can't be read. Because duh...curiously strong magnets are circular and bar code readers can't read things that are circular.

Finally after the checker makes it clear I won't be able to buy the item because it won't scan. I frustratingly tell him the price is on the back of the bar code.

Forget being a checker... has this guy never bought anything before? Anyway... I'm getting way off track. Except for checking out - I rarely get annoyed.

Anyway - the trips to the electronic stores drive Mr. S insane. Electronic stores are the one place where I won't try to keep track of Mr S, and he can't keep track of me.

We will be walking down an isle together and he will turn around and I'm just gone. Like an episode of vanished. He will track me down. We will agree to go look at a particular item, and not 10 feet later - it happens again.

So finally we'll agree to meet up in a particular department so he can get his items without stopping every two minutes to find me. That should make things better right? Oh no. It only makes things worse.

For him.

I'm as happy as I can be. Anything with lights, or magnets, or things that glow are among the things that will get me off track. Anything that makes you say "holy shit".

It is a complete freakin nightmare for Mr. S. Because not only am I not in the place we agreed to meet.. but I could be in some random part of the store he would have never thought about looking for me in.

Thank goodness for cell phones. Otherwise Mr S would have gone crazy by now. As it is.. I make him skirt the line.


  1. Oh, I escape from Sarge all the time. But he knows he can find me in shoes or crafts. And I know I can find him in magazines, or sporting goods. We're predictible like that.

    PS. Don't forget to watch Fat Man Eating tonight! New eppisode.

  2. I looked and looked and you didn't give me enough information to record the show. Tivo didn't know about it. The internet didn't know about it. What was it?

  3. It was on here, on Travel channel at 9pm. I was watching football, and the repeat came on too late for me. I think he went to Vietnam. You know I'm talking about Andrew Zimmern right?

  4. I'm still sulking.. but I wanted to tell you.

    STOP IT!

    Just coincidentally we watched AZ last night. Trinidad and Tobago. We are pretty far behind the schedule.

    His hosts seemed mortified by the way he ate. One looked like he couldn't get rid of him fast enough.

    I didn't know who you were talking about. I thought "The Eating Man" was a new reality show.

    You watching any ice road truckers?

  5. "Fat Man Eating Show" is what Piko and I call it.
    I watched some Ice Road Truckers, but keep forgettin it's on. Sarge and I watched a docu. on that once on the History channel and thought it was pretty cool. I don't think that Sarge likes the new one much, because he thinks that Deadliest Catch is boring, I'm sure that he finds driving trucks boring too.

    Scary right? We're a bit too alike. I'll give you a laugh if you want and e-mail you the link to my ex-boyfriend's website. Though with the way we're going you'll either have dated him too, or he'll turn out to be a close family friend.

  6. " he thinks that Deadliest Catch is boring"

    It is a little slow.. but I find it a little comforting there are still guys who are mens men.

    Knarly and burly and just willing to do whatever f-ed up job to make an honest living. Unlike the Duran Duran teenager clones that cry at the slightest obstacle. Not whine.. but actually cry.

    I just like those shows for the "no way" factor.

    "I'll give you a laugh if you want and e-mail you the link to my ex-boyfriend's website."

    Yeah.. I'll mock your ex-bfriend. And then tell you "oh girl! You are so lucky you left him".

    I assume you left him, because are smart.