Sunday, July 29, 2007

I want to stop hating people. They just won't let me.

I just want to say - I feel enormously self conscience about how much I bitch about people. I often think " hey.. maybe that is something I should work on - that isn't really normal".

So, I start out my day trying to be calmer. More tolerant. But honestly.. by the end of the day I usually just hate people anyway. Take what happened today.

Mr S. and I decided to go down to the Central Valley and visit the Garlic Festival. Worst 24 bucks I've ever spent, but I'll talk about that later.

After our day was done, we decided to see if we could find some corn. There are tons of little fruit and vegetable stands around that area. Most of them only had fruit though. Finally, before we got on the freeway, we spotted a stand that was selling corn. 8 ears for a buck. Even if it sucks, your willing to take the chance. So of course we stopped.

I walk up, and at first I don't see the corn. Mr S. points out some bins. There were three of them, about 3x3 feet in size. There were probably about 10 people at the bins shucking corn as fast as they possibly could. Not in a leisurely fashion at all. You'd have thought it was their job to take all the leaves off, they were shucking so fast.

They were tossing all the debris from the corn husks back into the bins. So much in fact, I thought one bin was just for corn trash. It wasn't. So, I'm wading through the corn debris trying to find some ears of corn.

I'm just pulling the leaves back about an inch, because I know it might be a day or two until it gets cooked, and I want the ear to stay fresh. I'm also not paying much attention to other people - other than thinking what they were doing was kind of odd.

Suddenly, the owner comes out and yells "don't shuck the corn here - it makes it so customers don't want to buy the corn". Which seemed pretty obvious to me. You could barely tell there was any corn for sale, due to all the crap they had thrown back in the bins. You just thought it was trash, unless you dug down.

Anyway, we get in the car to leave. The traffic was pretty bad due to the Garlic Festival, and the Grand Prix. So, if you were lucky, there was maybe a gap of 1 or two cars. Mr S. is sure he's going to have to punch it. The traffic is just really heavy, and there aren't really any gaps to get into without kicking in the hemi.

Since the roadside was gravel, and there were about 6 cars parked at the stand - Mr S. decides to edge up about 15 feet from the other cars who were parked at the roadside stand. So - if he does have to punch it, he has a reasonable enough distance from them and doesn't kick up gravel onto their cars.

So we edge up, and this guy with a fairly new truck pulls about a car length in back of us. Fuck.. now we really can't punch it. We have to wait for a larger hole in the traffic. But, that isn't good enough for the guy in the truck. He drives around us, and forces himself into traffic.

I swear to you readers, like I said - you were lucky if there was a two car gap. Same thing with one of the other cars exiting the roadside stand. Our car could have easily left both of them in the dust. Did I mention it has a HEMI? We were just fucking trying to be courteous.

The thing is, everyone at the Garlic Festival was super courteous. Thousands of people all being really nice. I wasn't hating people at all. Throw in a little roadside stand of tards, and I hate people again.


  1. Oh I hate it when drivers do that. I have a similar thing happen to me when I drive home from work.

  2. I have yet to go to the garlic festival for that very reason - bitches, bitches, everywhere!

  3. Yeah - don't bother. I don't know how many years they've been putting that thing on - but you'd think they could come up with something more strange than garlic ice cream after all these years.

    Everything else could be gotten at any faire or wine festival on the planet. And the crafts! It was like I in my grandmothers house. I remember seeing some of that crap at faires when I was 7.

  4. I feel exactly like you do. It has gotten difficult for me in life to feel this way. So I just now decided to search online: "how to stop hating people" hoping I would get some tips on hating them less, and making life easier on myself. And oh man! What I found through the search was the opposite. It's relieving to find that other people feel as I do, but it would help if I could tone it down some.

  5. People very rarely use their abilities to a level anywhere close to their total ability. They rest at a stopping point they think "works" for them: Being self-absorbed, feeling entitled, and going through life with blinders on. They will not listen. Will not learn readily. Will continue to be blundering jerks. When I leave my property, I force myself to accept the fact I am going to cross paths with at least a few assholes. I tell my self: It is not my job to fix them, they don't want to be fixed, and let them go. Their problems, are on THEM! Screw them and make your own self happy.