Sunday, July 08, 2007

Quit store booty.

1. Seam ripper.

See - I follow instructions.

2. Chalk.

3. Black thread.

4. Cutty thing.

Which I will immediately kill because I'll wind up using it on cardboard or pizza or something it shouldn't be used for.

5. Pins that have big heads.

So I can avoid stepping on them.

6. Safety pins.

Because I have a stupid fetish for colored ordinary objects. See?

I don't know why I love these things. But I was super excited when Home Depo had colored drill chucks. Lame.

FYI - I shall never return to the quilt store, because this stuff cost me over 50 bucks. It shouldn't cost that much right?


  1. If you have a Michael's Crafts or AC Moore in your area, you should wait till a coupon comes out and go get a cutting mat, and a clear ruler. You could actually return that rotary cutter, and get a Mat/cutter/ruler combo kit at the Big Box Craft Store.
    Wait till you start buying fabric. Oh-la-la!

  2. You know I'm not really becoming a quilter... right?

    Though I might have to do something about the trail of broken pillows.

  3. Why you gotta hurt me like that? Then you should definetly take the rotary cutter back.

    The seam ripper is actually great for cleaning the brush of your vac.

  4. Wait - wait - wait! Return it why? Because it sucks? I know you told me there was a better solution - but does the rotary not work well at all?

    "Why you gotta hurt me like that?"

    Okay.. I'll change my mind. When you realize how completely spastic I am you will beg me to quit.

    Now if I could cut stuff with lasers.. then I'd have some non-funky looking quilts.

  5. Rotary is great, but if you are just going to be cutting straight lines like for pillows and curtains, I would invest in a really good pair of shears, and use them for nothing but cutting fabric, and a pair of pinking shears.
    Fabric shears for obvious reasons, and pinking shears sort of help to prevent fabric from unraveling.
    But, if you LOVE the rotary cutter, hey, keep it.
    One more cutting tool around the house is not going to hurt anyone....oh wait.
    Like I can say anything, I have a huge collection of box cutters and exacto knives, LOVE them!

  6. "Like I can say anything, I have a huge collection of box cutters and exacto knives, LOVE them!"

    You don't know how much that disturbs me. Its freakish. Me? Also buys exactos in bulk. I also have a weird fetish for scissors.

    But not as bad as when I had a whole orchid collection. They get viruses so having a whole box of scissors is useful. I was actually jealous when the airlines auctioned off all those confiscated scissors.

  7. You can get boxes of those TSA scissors on E-Bay!!!! (I actually got excited telling you that!)

    I have to buy loads of Ikea scissors and place them around the house because I have caught Sarge going outside with my sewing Shears too many times. It's like I'm talking to a child when I catch him..."Where do you think you're going with those?!?!?!!!"

    I have my scissors and exacto knives, he has his zip-ties. We're a strange couple.