Thursday, July 26, 2007


I'm sure a lot of my readers think I'm just one giant ball of bitchiness. And maybe that's true. You saw the name of the blog.. right?

I think with my sleep problems - a little bit of people goes a long way. But while I'm often hugely frustrated with people, for some reason they still feel comfortable telling me really intimate details about their lives. Stuff that I would be horribly embarrassed to tell people. I can never figure out why.

Don't they know I'm anti-social and neurotic? I'm trying my hardest to make it obvious.

So - today Mr S. and I pulled an all day thing at the dentist. Did you know teeth bleaching is a form of torture? It is.

Besides having to sit for an hour and a half without moving - if you happen to fidget like I do, you screw up the protective coating on your gums that keep the lasers from burning you. And its kind of painful. I guess gums hate lasers or something. Lame!

At any rate.. I'm at the dentist in panic mode. I have this baby tooth I'm totally neurotic about. Baby teeth don't last forever you know. I'm nervous what they might say about it. Plus, I'm totally afraid my record of only having one cavity might fall. So my brain is not really focusing on much of the conversation the dentist tech is having with me.

Until she proceeds on telling me her whole life story.

I'm a little surprised. I thought we were in the small talk phase. But she goes on to tell me she is caught in a whole variable rate mortgage nightmare and is probably going to loose her house. How her credit cards are totally maxed out.. and some days she can't even afford gas to get to work.

So - all of a sudden I'm trying to give her advise.. as if I'm qualified to do that. I'm so totally not. I'm trying to not get sucked into her situation, and trying to not freak out about the dentist. I have enough of my own neurotic stuff.. I'm fine without anyone else's.

So then.. get this. We are paying the bill to leave. And the dentist hits my husband up for tech support! Mr S. is extremely nice and did what he could to try to help. Which is really sort of awkward. What if you make things worse than before? He didn't.. but it is something you always worry about when giving random tech support. Plus.. we'd never seen this dentist before.

Mr S. and I get to the car and I ask him - "did you tell them you worked in computers, because I didn't".

It just seemed to be a strange thing for Mr S. to bring up. He normally likes to keep it on the down- low. People are always hitting him up to fix stuff. And wouldn't you know it.. he hadn't even mentioned he worked in computers.

Somehow they recognized the company he worked for from the patient paperwork we filled out. Which is kind of funny. Your average person probably couldn't describe what his company does. Little lone identify it was a computer company.

Anyway.. we always have the funniest stuff happen to us. But - I got away with my one cavity record still intact. My baby-tooth too. Now I just have to figure out how to drink coffee without f-ing up my teeth for the next couple of days.


  1. Wow... shockingly inappropriate disclosures! I'm not sure I'd keep going to a dentist who's so hard up for cash. At least not without a second opinion on any expensive and unexpected work!

  2. Ditto Blogosaurus. That's a little unnerving.

    As for the teeth bleaching - you are so brave.

  3. Blogosaurus - thank goodness I wasn't the only one who thought it was weird.

    I mean.. aren't doctors always complaining people are asking them for free advice? Just weird.

    Monicker - I'm not sure if I can be considered brave. Just slightly vain.

    I blame it on Mr S. He got me addicted to coffee.