Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How Chrysler sucks and Pontiac doesn't.

Honestly - tires should last more than 11,000 miles. Right?

Apparently the tires you get when you buy a new Chrysler 300 don't. I had to stick new tires on the car yesterday.

If that were the only thing that irritated me about the car I might just bitch about it and move on. But..so far these are the problems I've had with it.

1. Automatic transmission refused to shift gears.

2. ABS (Automatic Brake System) stopped working.

3. Hands free phone system never seems to work, and the techs can never figure out why.

4. The satellite navigation system is the biggest piece of shit on the planet.

5. Chrysler wants 600 bucks to give you an updated set of maps.

6. Tires.

7. This isn't a Chrysler problem, it still irritates me. Sirius radio constantly looses signal.

Contrast that to our Pontiac Solstice which also has roughly 10,000 miles.

1. Soft top had a problem that made the cabin have excessive wind noise.

Yep.. that's it.

Even though the problem was pretty obscure - the techs did a ton of research and figured out the problem. After only one visit to the shop.

And - I just have to point out the Solstice is a much cheaper car than the Chrysler. Yet Pontiac didn't put such shitty tires on the car I had to replace them after only 11,000 miles.


  1. I think it comes down to whether or not you like your car. I don't mind spending the money to maintain something I look good in, but if you own something that is just designed for point a - b, than the maintenance payments can be a drag. You could always get a motorcycle instead, but I'm not sure what Mr. Snarky would think about that.

  2. My e-mail used to be "IonaToyota", because I do, well, except for that short period when we had a Subaru. I Heart Toyota, and have even brought M. Sarge over to the dark side.