Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh - come on!

I know that me and 4 other people on the planet care about this....but crap, I fucking hate this trend. It is so much worse than having to peel those tiny stickers from every single tomato. I'm feeling a little like Chef Ramsay at this point.

It's the middle of fucking summer.. and I'm getting tomatoes in plastic containers in California? How is this possible?

A week ago, when I was complaining about the produce isle (here), they still had tomato's in the bin. They were disgusting, and rotting - but now it's a toss up to gauge which ones are worse. Look at these things. They are just rotting in plastic containers.

I just don't even get it. Is anyone even buying anything fresh anymore, because I seem to be the only one I see actually having a fit about it. Never in my life do I remember walking into the produce isle to see almost half of what is being sold bagged up, or in plastic containers.

Am I the only one who waits all winter long to get some produce that isn't shipped in from another country?

Doesn't it have to be costing farmers a fortune to pick this stuff, ship it, plus the labor of sticking them into these plastic containers which trap the air and cause this stuff to spoil twice as fast.

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  1. I feel your pain. I get my produce from a local organic farm, $20 a week and I get a whole box of random stuff. Of course, if you just have to have something in particular, that can get messy. I hate grocery store produce with a fury equal to yours