Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm going to take this week to feel sorry for myself.

I have a bunch of product reviews...but I just don't have it in me to write about them. If I don't comment on your blog it isn't because I don't find you funny. I do.

I'm just in a really crappy mood. And not a funny crappy mood.

You insurance company rejected me. This is how my rejection letter went.

50% - your surgeons staff are tards and didn't supply us with any information.

Which really pisses me off, because all they have to do is ask my doctor specific questions. As far as I can tell they haven't even talked to anyone in my GP's office.

The only reason some medical information got sent over is because I met with my doc and had them sent. But apparently my rejection was already in the works.

So I'm also looking for a new surgeon. Which triple sucks. Did I mention I got this guy from a referral?

The surgeons office didn't even call me about the rejection. I got a letter in the mail. But said they knew about it. Their office has only called me once. That was 2 weeks after my first visit to tell me they needed to get my GP's records. Even thought I was positive I signed a release form the day I met with the surgeon.

25% - Your boobs don't look shitty enough. Yeah.. that's right. Not anything about the size/weight. But you aren't filled with pox sized rashes, and you don't have ginormous tire track divots cut into your shoulders. Which by the way I have always made a special effort to prevent. I've seen those women, and you don't get rid of those.

25% - legitimate medical reasons. Absence of mammogram. Those types of things.

So I'm pretty much just bummed.


  1. Oh bugger. You can't call them and argue the point?

  2. That sucks donkey balls!! Yeesh! Your surgeon really bunged that one up. NOt that I have ever seen your boobs, but I know some large chested women, and I know their complaints. What do you have to do to get it done? Show EVERONE your boobs?!?!

    Is it a sign, but my word verification "word" is nuggus. A hybrid of "numnuts" and "jugs"???

  3. "You can't call them and argue the point? "

    I can appeal twice.

    It is expected to get rejected once..but it would have been nice if the surgeons office might have mentioned I was on a time limit.

    Told me it was completely my responsibility to get all documentation to my insurance company for review.

    Tell me exactly what the insurance company wants. They claimed they dealt with insurance companies all the time. So I figured they would know what questions needed to be asked of my GP. And maybe have mentioned that I might not qualify for my insurance to cover it and why.

    Yesterday when I asked the office manager if I should expect that insurance wont cover it, she answered my question with a question.

    Even when I asked about my records she said "some" records were sent -but refused to elaborate.

    But thankfully I can feel good knowing "they are working on it".

    Working on what I don't even know.

    I'm just trying to figure out if I can get to a new surgeon before this one fucks up my chances of insurance covering it at all.