Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bitch inside.

Alright - I haven't had any bunny pictures in a while. And you will love them!

Bunnies who get all territorial and nippish isn't a very interesting story. That's the impression most people have of rabbits. Right?

This is what's interesting - my girl Saffron only gets this way after dark. She is the sweetest thing during the day, and turns mean at night.

All day long she will beg to be picked up. If you even look her - she gets all excited you might come over and rub her. She'll even stalk you until you do. If you take a step in her direction, she'll run in circles in excitement.

Once the sun goes down.... she turns into a different rabbit. Instead of running to the front of the cage like she does in the daytime. She runs to the back of the cage and stakes up battle lines.

In the day time, you can't keep her in her cage. If you leave the door open - she'll just run right out. At night? She refuses to come out. She'll growl, and bite if you try to go in and get her.

To understand how odd this is.. I must remind you of this picture. Sweet right?

This is her trying to bite Mr S.

Notice the feet and toes all wide apart. Normally when she's happy her feet are together like this.

We've never seen anything like it. When you aren't getting bit, it's pretty comical.

Sometime I must let you hear the sound of her growling and whimpering when she does this. It crazily passive aggressive. But funny.


  1. Huh. Well, that has got to be one of the best bunny names ever.

  2. Aw thanks!

    It came from Ab Fab:

    There used to be quite a few machines out there with the name bubble too. Over the time I was a sysadmin.

  3. "Sweetie darling! Sweetie darling!!"

    I thought it was becuase of her color.