Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Most exciting news ever.

People! Listen up. You are never going to believe what happened. Look.

It almost rained. See the drops? You can hardly call it rain.. but it was just enough that it kicked some of the pollen down.

What do you mean - so what? You can't imagine how rare it is to get rain in California in the summer. Plus..it hasn't rained in like 180 days. Okay.. maybe its rained like twice in 180 days.. but just enough to get the ground wet.

You can not believe how relaxing it was today - not having to look at the brown blue sky.


  1. Goodness, how cute. We celebrate if we get 180 *minutes* free of rain! If you're missing moisture, come up to Canada. We have your share.


  2. I know! Isn't it the lamest reason to be excited ever?

    At least my excitement was short lived. Sunny and windy again.

    I think our moisture has been driven up your way by the jet stream, so I'm sure you are getting more than your fair share. Sorry!