Monday, July 30, 2007

Continuing with the Weekend.

When I was younger I always thought women were cleaner than men when it came to the bathroom department. As I get older - I realize women can be quite the pigs too. Take my example from the weekend.

Before getting into the Festival gates - I forced Mr S. to hunt down a proper restroom. There's no way on earth I was going to use a port-a-potty. That just wasn't going to happen my friend.

Even if it wasn't 90 degrees, and people were eating massive amount of garlic. I would rather leave an event than use one. So... we stopped at a Hilton Hotel.

I would have preferred a Starbucks so I could get coffee - but our one attempt at finding the one we saw from the freeway was a failure. We didn't want to get back on the freeway because it was gridlocked in traffic. So the hotel was sort of our last chance.

I go in and hunt down the restrooms. Walk straight to the handicap stall. Yeah.. that's right. Most people have a bunch of guilt about using them, but they are usually the cleanest.

So I flip open the door, and the seat looks like a man was just using it. Urine everywhere. Go to the next stall, and flip open the door. That seat was smeared with something "brown". And lets say, it didn't look like a defect of the seat. I go into stall #3 which looks clean.

I wasn't in that stall 5 seconds when I hear someone enter the stall I just rejected. The brown stall. There wasn't even a hesitation, and I hear her rip off a seat liner and start using the restroom.

Now.. maybe I'm making a lot of nothing. But there were 6 stalls, and two people. This person didn't even check any of the other stalls to rate their cleanliness.

If this were an isolated incident, it would be one thing. But I didn't become a bathroom germ-a-phobe on my own. It's because women often leave the restrooms in the most disgusting state. Whats is up with that?


  1. I worked as a maid for many years and I can confirm that yes, women's bathrooms are always dirtier than men's 9the exception is the area immediately around the urinal, which is always very stinky).

    One of my personal pet peeves is those women who hover over the seat and pee all over it. Really... this is disgusting. Almost as disgusting as the people who don't flush. What's wrong with them?

  2. "What's wrong with them? "

    I have no earthly idea. I assume it's because they never walk in on anyone else's funk because someone else has flushed. So - they don't get how completely annoying it is.

    I did a stint as a maid for a while too. Though - it was a pretty low rent motel. It was all just ick.

    I'm also fairly traumatized by carpets with patterns. Yeah... I have a lot of issues.

  3. I could tell you women's bathroom stories that would make your toes shrivel up...makes me cringe just thinking about it!