Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I find the oddest things interesting.

Four story crane? Oh yeah.. now you've got my attention.

Apparently, a company will come out. Pay you a 1000 bucks. Cut these palms out of your yard, and sell them to someone else for 50 grand.

You have to fill in the whole they left. Which sounded like it cost about a grand to do. But you got rid of your nasty old palm tree.

Man.. I wouldn't be able to chop one of those things down fast enough.

This whole thing was a spectacle. You'd think it was a movie premier by the amount of traffic and people stopping to watch.

Yeah - it's a Wednesday.. we don't have much to do. What are you gonna say about it?

You see how giant these are .. right? Those are people's legs at the bottom of the picture.

I'm even going to give the company a plug. Because man.. that's a dirty job.


  1. Woo, that's a big tree!

    Thanks muchly for the link btw - it's appreciated.

  2. You don't like the palm trees? I guess they can be pretty messy in the yard. And I can imagine they bring to mind giant tiki torches in the dry season.

    I rather like palms, but I'm afraid it's the landscape architect's daughter in me.

  3. Na... more of a Jacaranda gal myself.

    And maples. But I love coconuts!

    Now that I know you have another skill I must ask you questions about it. Good thing you aren't a doctor.

    P.S. My name is in the urban dictionary too. Much less flattering than yours. Wanna see?

  4. PS. I love a weeping cherry myself.

    But my favorite of all time is a Japanese Maple

    I won't get one untill we're finally settled though because They are really expensive, and I'll be sad if we finally move and I have to leave it behind. And I'm afraid I'll lill it.