Monday, July 16, 2007

Will work for food.

This weekend Mr S. and I were driving though a parking lot, and encountered a homeless man who had one of those "will work for food" signs.

So, I turned to Mr S., and say "you know, sometimes I want to take them up on their offer - but if they aren't working now chances are they wouldn't do a good job, and it would just wind up driving me nuts".

Mr S. replies " if he wanted to work for food, you'd think he would be at the Home Depot".

Which was super funny, because he's right. Undocumented laborers have found a way to work for food. It's called hanging out at the Home Depot and getting day labor jobs.


  1. One of those news shows did a story on highway sign holding guys. They were only able to get one guy to come with them to work for money instead of handouts.

    We have a guy who picks up trash on the side of the road at the light before our base, and panhandles. Sarge usually won't give him money because he's convinced that he's just picking up the same trash over and over. I'm not convinced either because one day I saw him walking to his "post" talking on a cell phone.

    I want to keep some McDonald's GC's in my car to hand out to these guys.

  2. Around here the city built actual structures for illegal immigrants to wait under for daily work.

    Go enabling illegal activity :(

  3. MDG - OH! I think I was bitching to Mr S. once about this homeless gal who was on a cell phone.

    I think it might have been a blackberry because I remember having a cow about how much the cell plan must cost. And, an expensive blackberry type plan would be the only thing to get my panties in a bunch.

    First Year - Yeah.. thank goodness I'm working my ass off for that.

    What.. are they trying to disguise them as people waiting to take the buss? Because I already thought we had structures. They are called buildings.