Sunday, July 01, 2007

Photo Montage.


MdG said...

I love the Simpson's three eyed fish!
Did you eat fried dough and a massive ammount of cotton candy? The last time we went to a fair, the only healthy thing we ate all day was the glass of orange juice we each had for breakfast.

she said: said...

Yes. We did eat fried dough! But they were overcooked churos. You think we went because I love hanging out in crowds?

We skipped breakfast and went straight for the corn-dogs and garlic fries. Now I'm happy for another couple of years.

MdG said...

OMG, Piko de Gallo discovered Corn Dogs the other week, and basically I blinked and she had inhaled it. And she usually does not care for hot dogs much.

Garlic fries....yum!