Thursday, July 05, 2007

Drought? What drought?

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When the end of the world nears, and you don't have any water - you can blame my neighbors. They all have to water in the middle of the day. It doesn't matter if we are having hurricane force winds, or it's 109 degrees. I just don't get it.

Normally I wouldn't care.. but I'm going to get thirsty tearing down all that packaging material I get from companies.


  1. Hoo-lee crapiola!! That is a tad on the warm side.

    M. Sarge is a middle of the day water-er. It really bugs me.

  2. Look at the bright side, all you have to do is go through a tunnel and it's 30 degrees cooler. You're hanging out on the wrong side of the bay, I bet the Sunset is even more comfortable.

  3. I would recommend snitching on your neighbor, but it did not work out well for one Palm Beach resident.

  4. Oh... had to brag about the natural air conditioning! And your weather people - so chipper!

    Love the link. Not motivated enough to snitch though. That'd be like kicking puppies.

    It does drive me a little nuts though. Apparently I'm the only one trying to conserve for the future of mankind. What an ego.. huh! Besides.. while it drives me nuts, I also think it makes me money.

    P.S. You must post something new. I can't go to your site without being memed.

  5. Oh there's a new "Favorites" link right there!

    I forgot to share with you my "Green Lawn" Recipe. It's from Men's Health, so I knew it would work. Not that you need it though, I saw your lawn and it's nice.

    1 can beer
    1/2 c Corn syrup
    1/2 c non bleach dish soap
    1/2 c liquid lawn food
    1 c. amonia

    Mix ingredients in a bucket and use a hose sprayer to soak the lawn.

    M. Sarge was very skeptical, so I did it one day when he was not a home. I think it's the reason our lawn is so nice now. He won't recognize.

  6. Oh - no. My lawn is effed. Along with 60% of everyone else. That other 40% think they need to water their lawn twice as long to make a statement.

    Oh yeah.. I can't believe that M. Sarge would let you use perfectly good beer on the lawn!

    I may have to try it to revitalize the lawn in the fall though.

    P.S. I bought a sewing machine. I'm going to become a quilter!

  7. Awesome! What machine did you get?
    This is my dream machine.!sf!211

    When my crapy Brother dies, I might look into getting it.

    If you're serious about becomming a quilter, I highly recommend the magazine "Quilts and More" there are lots of good projects to get you started, and good tips for basic skills. Even if you're not serious it's a fun project magazine.

    Now go browse the oodles of crafting blogs out there!!

  8. Oh yes, and I *AM* in fact spending the whole day infront of the computer compulsively checking Blogs for entertainment.

    Piko de G got a copy of "Prehistoric Park" from one of her "Aunties" today and is vegging infront of the tv to Nigel Marvin. M. Sarge is out watching live golf at the AT&T National.
    I should be cleaning and doing laundry, but *MEH!*.

  9. I didn't expect you to get all supportive on me. I thought you'd call bullshit right away! I'm just hoping I don't screw up my curtains and have to buy new ones.

    But hey, maybe I should start sending all my mishaps your way. Put it into the robot quilt fund. Imagine how unique it would be.

    I can't believe your dream machine doesn't have the internet on it. But an awfully fantastic looking machine though.

  10. Measure 10 times, cut once, and invest in a seam ripper.

    Dude, my fabric stash is so huge right now, but I'm always open to donations. I'm a fabric whore.