Monday, July 16, 2007

Building for the future.

In the early days of my career, it was pretty common for me to work in a computer lab. I always sort of loved the lab. It gave you sort of this futuristic feeling. Giant rows of computer servers sitting on elevated air-conditioned floors. Everything was so clean and uncluttered. The computer cabling was all tucked away under the floor. And if you needed to work on the cabling you had these suction cup devices that allowed you to pull out one of the floor tiles so you could access them.

I always thought it would be great to have a similar system for your home, but aside from hiding the cables that ran from your televisions and lamps, it wasn't that logical to have in a residence. But, these days, it would be nice if companies started thinking of ways to accommodate our new world full of power cords, and cable systems.

Most weeks it feels like a giant effort to keep your house from looking like this.

It isn't enough you have to put into an massive effort to keep cabling tucked away from view. But in our case, you have to make it so when things break you don't have to rewire everything. And there are no easy solutions to that problem despite an arsenal of different types wire-ties. But I digress.

Add to that - the ginormous stash of extra cables you have to keep around. Everyone wants to have unique cable type. Which is deeply annoying. Everything from television video cables to cell phones to chargers of every kind imaginable. You can't imagine how much effort it takes to keep all this stuff organised. Or for that matter to find which cable you need in the box 'o' cables that is almost mandatory these days.

So - this weekend was devoted to getting rid of obsolete hardware and organising our cable stash. Basically it was just a huge effort to stop our house from starting to look like hacker Johns basement.

Listen technology companies - we want to buy your stuff. We'd just like to have a nice living environment too. Don't you understand how much it sucks for the average consumer to need a million different types of cables because you can't play nice with other technology companies and develop some universal cable/power system?

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