Sunday, July 22, 2007

Should I be admitting to this?

I feel dirty... I feel dirty. And sad.. but mostly dirty right now.

If you somehow missed that I am a reality show whore.. you must know this now. I don't know what that says about me. Most likely nothing good.

Okay... have any of you seen this Rock of Love with Brett Michael's? It is a Flavor of Love Knockoff. Yeah.. I didn't like Poison either. As a matter of a fact I try to block the whole hair band era out of my mind.

I don't know why we plugged it into Tivo.. its the off season. But readers... this show makes girls poo'ing on the floor, downright classy.

Just when I think they can't cast a bigger train wreck.. somehow they manage to find a new league of classless drunken whores. How is that even possible?


  1. Oh! Those "ladies" are scary. Best qoute of the night though. "Circus Tits!"
    I was crazy mad flipping between Hogan, Rock of Love, Andrew Zimmern, Scott Baio, Split Ends, and I'm a Hoarder.

  2. Ha! Those bitches lost their minds.

    I was thinking about adopting the term circus tits.. because that was funny. Also funny? The captions.

    I just realized you might actually be a little more ADD than I am. What.. do you have the foxnews 4 split screen up or what? With a news scroll at the bottom for good measure?

  3. Well, we're just technologically impared. We have no Tivo, and a VCR that will only record on the channel you are actually watching.

    Not like any of those shows won't be repeated about 5 million times!

    I was just happy because usually on Sundays it's just Discovery Home, and I can only take so much of In A Fix, and Robery Verdi. Mike Holmes on the other hand, I can watch all day long.