Sunday, July 22, 2007

Second guessing.

I don't think I've made any secret that owning bunnies is about the height of lunacy. You can wake up on morning and everything is fine, and within hours things can drastically change.

So, on Friday when one of our oldest bunnies lost the use of his front arms in the space of 6 hours - I knew the outcome wouldn't be good. Making things harder though, is that it isn't uncommon for bunnies to turn dramatically better.

It is basically a coin toss. If they are still eating...half your battle is won.

And ... this is where we were at. Throw in a little narcotic pain killers, and you've just made things a very difficult situation. You have a pet who is essentially comfortable.

A few years back your choices were relatively simple. Now, with accessibility to advanced medicine it makes figuring out if you've reached the point where quality of life is irreversible so much harder. And it just sucks.

Because of those damn pain killers I will always wonder if I kept him comfortable longer he could have miraculously gotten better.


  1. Thank you Ladies.

    It helps a little he was older.. but pets still totally suck.

    Except when they are doing funny things that make you laugh. Then they still suck because they make you forget how crappy the other time is.