Saturday, July 07, 2007

Still ruining the planet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm stuck on this right now. I'll get over it eventually. But I find it funny and absurd when the trendy thing is being "green", and the phrase "carbon footprint" is said more often than "hello".

So - this is the great big bag I just got from the Verizon store. The only thing in it? A wireless card. Since the salesman didn't even ask if I wanted a bag or not -I took what he handed to me. Because you know I wanted to blog about it.

I can't be the only one they are handing these ginormous bags to. And come to think of it - I've bought a bunch of stuff at the Verizon store and I've never needed a bag this big.

My other attempts at ruining the earth here.

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  1. I hear ya!
    I've taken to telling cashiers I don't need a bag, especially if it's for say one set of patches for M. Sarge's uniform. They're always surprised "Really??????!"
    Yeah, look, just give me the item that is smaller than a Pop Tart and the receipt, and I'll put it in my purse. Really, it's ok.

    Unless, of course it's a srore that uses handle paper bags. Then maybe I'll ask for an extra one. I love giving M. Sarge his lunch in a L'Occitane or Sephora bag. He usually has no clue and then tells me the next morning that his guys were laughing at him.

    Hee-hee, the little pleasures.