Friday, July 20, 2007

Cute... or Creepy?


  1. The hippo, WTF awesome cute! The people, a little creepy.

    The dogs at that place are even cuter though. That one at the end that burried it's face in it's paws to go to sleep!!

  2. It's pretty amazing, but it's teeth sure do look scary. The people are very bizarre. I believe in pets, but not indoor ones and a hippo should definitely be an outdoor animal. That poor dog, it would hurt to get stepped on by that thing. I couldn't help, but wonder if she's ever accidentally killed one. I guess when you way that much, you don't need to watch where you step.

  3. Accidentally? Its a hippo! I don't think they are geared for accidents. It is really odd how much it acts like a dog though. Isn't it?

    See, I think the whole thing is cute.. until your guts are laying on the ground.

    Then.. kinda creepy. But.. I hope they get that on video.. because that would be a classic.

  4. I bet she thinks she's more dog than human. Even though she is tame, I would be frightened to be around her. Hippos look cool, but they can be meaner than Mrs. Snarklolypsy after a call to Alienware customer service.

  5. Wow! Don't wake the sleeping dragon.

    Seriously though. That was pretty funny. But if I hadn't met you, I might feel seriously self conscience.

    Hey... was your typo purposeful?

    Snark - lol - ypsy? I kind of like it.