Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Relief - Finally in sight.

Today readers.. I am super happy. My surgery is finally booked.

Of course, most of getting here has been a pain in the ass. I'm not usually one of those "things happen for a reason" sort of people. I don't believe in higher power. But.. maybe things happen for a reason. Without the whole religious intrusion part.

First let me say - I have this whole theory that getting medical care in the rich district is less expensive. It seems counter intuitive. But, I really think there is some element of rich doctors not having to charge as much, because there is a lower patient default rate. The doctors aren't as worried about getting paid, so they don't mark shit up as much.

Secondly - for the amount of money my surgery is costing. Fuck insurance in the ass with the biggest telephone pole on earth. I can't believe I wasted 4 months of my life with a doctor (including waiting to get in) - only to find out I wasn't going to die penniless if I had to pay out of pocket.

My case really is something insurance should cover, I fit all the criteria. I've had extensive treatment. I didn't think I would have so much trouble getting them to pay. I really resent having an expensive insurance company now. I'll be switching at the next open enrollment.

The flip side.. if I hadn't gone through what I did in the last 3 months.. I wouldn't have seen as many warning signs and sought out another surgeon.

As a side note - I now question the sanity of my GP who gave me the referral.

Third - I love the free market. Over time.. it makes things cost less. If some socialist medicine candidates (Hilary) had their way, I would have to suffer for all of eternity. Even though I was rejected by my insurance mostly because the staff at my first surgeons office was incompetent.

Oh by the way. Just last Friday (three weeks after my rejection letter came) the first office called me to come in to take "new" photos. Two and a half months after my first visit. And let me just point out. They took one photo. The surgeon I was at today, by contrast, took about 8.

And lastly - I feel really comfortable with my new female surgeon. She didn't point at me with a pen. She explained everything in great detail. Showed me pictures of her "work". The office seems like they might remember me the next time they talk to me.

While I had to wait almost a month, and it was sort of a pain in the ass. It was totally worth getting a second opinion.


  1. Oh I'm so glad you're booked in. I hope it's speedy, fixes the problem nicely and doesn't take too much recovery.

  2. Congrats on the booking! May I say though, as a citizen of a country with socialized medicine, that while I cannot comment on the ultimate effect on cost (less or more) of the free market on medicine, it certainly feels like less to me: when I had my surgery it cost me exactly 0 dollars. When I go to the doctor for anything, including a hospital stay, it costs me 0 dollars. I present my provincial health card and some magic happens where I don't get a bill but I do get to see the doctor. I also am never required to haggle and beg with insurance companies to get the care I need. All it takes is my GP saying, "You need Service X," making a call to the admin person at the hospital, and I'm in. Simple.

    The big bugbear of socialized medicine is wait lists - and for non life threatening issues, you may indeed get wait listed for a while, depending on availability of doctors and facilities. But surely it can't be any worse than fighting with insurance for years? We have mandated times which wait lists cannot exceed, so there's a guarantee of timely service in place anyway.

    Just my two cents. :)

  3. Caramaena - thank you so much for your kind comments! I'm thinking recovery will be easier. The new doc thought the old one was crazy for saying I couldn't drive for a month.

    I mean... who can keep from driving for a month? That was going to be one of the first rules I was going to violate. I'm not a great patient. For instance, I'm already trying to get around the shower restriction. I'm sure I can engineer something so I can shower. Right?

    Blogosaurus - I love when my readers bring a interesting point of view. Since my affliction isn't life threatening, I wonder how your system would accommodate me.

    With your system, how do you switch to another doctor if you aren't being treated well?

    My post was geared more towards the proposed socialized medicine plan here that would make it so I couldn't get the operation at all. Since I don't meet all the criteria. I wouldn't even to be able to pay out of pocket.

    I only know because of increased access, the price of my procedure has really become almost affordable. Which is what made me so surprised my insurance company were such dicks.