Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I don't know why - but I found this funny.

While we were laying in bed just now, Mr S and I had the following conversation.

Me - Do we still have ice creams on a stick?

Mr S. - I picked some up while I was at the store.

After smiling.

Me - I was wondering if you had the foresight to pick some up.

Mr S. - Yes, I had the forehead to pick some up.

After searching my memory banks to see if I had said forehead instead of foresight.

Me - I said foresight, not forehead.

Mr S. - Yeah, but my forehead is where I keep my mystical third eye which gives me foresight. And, in my butt I have my 4th eye which gives me hindsight.


  1. Sarge must have a second mouth in his butt, because he's always talking out of his ass. OH! ouch!!

  2. Having a little work-out rage there hmmmm... MDG? Or maybe its soccer rage.

  3. The soccer? Yeah, hating it!

    But tonight tops it. I went to a PTA meeting, and actually had to talk to people. New people, and lots of them. GAK!