Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Because you are too polite to ask.

Dear readers.... you know I'm going to be off this boob thing soon. Blissfully obsessing about some other topic. But, you have to understand, I've been stuck at home for almost 7 days. What am I going to blog about? Oprah?

Well, I did catch myself watching The View for about 3 minutes the other day. I've been home so long I think I may like people again. Who would have known!


So, I haven't really gotten excited about the boobs yet. Perhaps it is because I didn't do it for cosmetic reasons. But also - they don't really feel like my boobs.

They are way tight, and more than a little post adolescent. Textbook in fact.

I have textbook boobs.

I didn't really expect that, honestly. I didn't ask for, or even know they could make reduced boobs this tight. I'm pretty sure the only thing I asked for was not to be mauled, and that I wanted the doctor to be super careful that my nips weren't broken. Rnip is still trying to figure out if its broken or not.

My moms cancer mastectomy reared its ugly head all over the place before surgery. So the only thing I wanted was relief from back pain, and not to look like my mom did after surgery.

I know.. irrational. Two totally different operations. Sometimes you can't choose the things that leave a lasting impact in your head.

So, while I'm hardly going to complain. It's just going to take some adjusting to.

In 20 years I'm going to laugh at myself for even saying anything. But for now..the boobs are a little weird.


  1. Yeah, daytime TV sucks. Even when you're sick, which you aren't, so it's worse.

    Anyway, obsess away as this really is a big deal.

  2. Or an ex-big deal as it were...

    I'm with you on daytime TV. 7 years ago when I was new at the whole "Housewife" thing I used to watch all the trash. But you can only enjoy guessing "Is it a He or a She?" with Maury, and giggling as Judge Milan freaks out at some idiot who added their boyfriend's-sister'-baby-daddy's-uncle to their phone plan, and was suing for unpaid bills, for a little while. And I was never into the soap operas.

    Now that I have my days to myself again, I find that I don't turn the tv on at all. My tv time is from 7:30pm to 11:00pm.

    Another thing about boobs, that's a word that gets weird looking the more you read it or type it.

  3. Textbook boobs? lol, great term. Must be a weird feeling.