Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The queen of lame.

She says "don't make fun of her"! She can't help it if she's allergic to her own skin.

If any bunny owners ever click on this link who have a rabbit with allergies - please email me at she_said @ comcast.net. Not sneezing allergies. But real life hives. I'm not kidding. It is such a unique problem that I would love to hear from anyone else that may encounter it.

Some readers may remember me talking about her having an allergic reaction way back here. We'd taken everything from her diet and her ear and chin was looking magnificent.

Until we gave her one yogurt drop. She had an immediate allergic reaction. I'm still convinced she can't tolerate petroleum based products. Yeah.. that's right.

I don't even believe rabbits can have allergies. I mean really. If someone told me their rabbit had allergies, I would think they were a kook. But it seems to be true. She came very close to needing surgery because she had such a reaction.

Thankfully benadryl shots got the swelling down. But can you believe that crap? Shots! I told you I have some odd stuff here at the house.


  1. Poor bunny! She does look very cute and pathetic in her little blanket there.

    Never heard of a rabbit having an allergic reaction to a yogurt drop...very strange.

  2. Yep.. because being cute just isn't enough for her. She has to get the sympathy vote.

    Seriously.. it is the weirdest thing ever.