Thursday, August 09, 2007

Three products I still totally love and would buy again.

1. Zeno pimple popper 2000. Okay - so its just called Zeno.

Bought it at Christmas here. Still totally love it.

Aside from just getting rid of acne faster - the sucker keeps a charge forever. I've only charged it twice since Christmas. It also fits nicely in your hand.

2. Solar LED house numbers.

I know its only been two months since I bought them. Here. But I honestly thought they would have crapped out by now. Winter is coming, so I might change my tune, but for now. Still love them.

3. Retrofit Fan Remote Control.

Still hate ceiling fans. Here. Love that if a ceiling fan doesn't come with a remote, and can buy one of these little devices. Makes it so any ceiling fan can have a remote.

Great for when you don't want to get your lazy ass up in the middle of the night to turn off the fan.

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