Friday, August 10, 2007

Yep - I'm a babysitter.

I swear, some days I just feel so exhausted from constantly having to hold the hands of companies. It is just unrelenting. Day after day.

Today, I just want a bunch of people to get laid off, so they can know the appreciation even having a job. Yeah... that's right. I said it.

Okay.. what I'm ranting about now? All of a sudden my semi-annual mortgage statement starts showing up addressed incorrectly. Thankfully the post-office re-routes it to my house. Kudos to the post office.

You'd think the loan company would um... keep track of the properties they have mortgages out on. I was in my last house 7 years, and not once did the mortgage statement come incorrectly addressed.

At any rate.. that wasn't the irritating part. That was having to navigate the circular logic of the phone menu's. Where the automated system told me all the information about my loan. Then forced me to verify they were correct by pressing pound.

This was after I'd already asked for an operator. But, I was never getting to one, until I agreed to what the automated system said. When did they start fucking doing that? I've called plenty of places I had loans on, and none of them forced me to verify my loan information while I was in the call tree or otherwise.

They want to verify my identity, but not the loan information.

I finally had to bump out of that call tree and try to get to an operator a different way. Even though I swear I agreed with them, it would send me in the same circle over and over. I'd agree.. they'd stick me back on hold, and then force me to verify the information all over again. Don't these people ever navigate their own menu systems?

Then, I got to sit on hold for 8 minutes and talk to an operator that acted like she was collecting an overdue bill from me. You know the ones..bored and disinterested sounding. I'm sure she was fling her nails. Um hmmm. For a change I didn't even make, remember.

I know I'm a super bitch for wanting my statements to come to my home and all.. but fuck it drives me nuts. I honestly have much better things to do.

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  1. I live in a small town so have to use a PO Box number. My bank statement arrived addressed to the street address and had all little stickers on it from the post office demanding I fix it.

    I asked why the bank changed the address and showed them the previous month's statement and they said someone with the account changed it. I am single with no one else on the account and I didn't change it. They didn't believe me but changed the address back.