Monday, August 27, 2007

Saying hello.

I just wanted to thank all my readers for checking in and making such nice comments. You guys are really, really nice. Which makes me wonder how you wound up hanging out at my blog.

The initial plan was for Mr S. to regale you with funny stories. Well, things aren't working out that way so much. You must be sad for him that he hasn't even gotten to watch very much crappy TV. Except for those Hero's episodes he's seen a hundred times. Yes, he's a serial viewer. Once I've seen something I don't need to watch it again. But I digress.

Even thought I haven't taken nearly as much pain medication as we thought I would. Which is the good thing. But I'm being needy in ways I never would have expected.

The thing about these surgeries is that you lose a lot of blood. And, oh yeah - when I medical professional tells you nonchalantly there is going to be some "seepage", I think most people figure it is just going to be some spotting.

Especially when you have a drain tube, you figure the tube is going to handle all that(sweeping hand gesture). There were a few times when I was almost sure I was bleeding to death. I was seeping into my bandages as much as was going into the tubes.

Freaked... my.. shit.. out. Which also makes Mr. S. a complete saint. He handled all my bandage changes without even a funny face. I'm having him do my next surgery.

Mr S. has been catering to the needs that come with blood loss.

Example: Baby I'm hot, no I'm cold. No hot! And cooking protein rich foods, and fetching stuff. And keeping my boob ice packs filled. I got these great boob ice packs from surgery. I wish I would have known about these things before.

So, while I'm mostly just hanging out.. I am okay enough to start playing Bioshock! It is getting great reviews and for good reason. Though I have to keep from jumping. And it does make my heart race a bit. Hey - I can't be a complete invalid!

Anyway.. thanks again kind blog readers. I hope to comment on your blogs soon, because ya'all are so entertaining.


  1. "he hasn't even gotten to watch very much crappy TV. Except for those Hero's episodes he's seen a hundred times."

    Just for the record: I only watched one episode of Heroes, and it was one I had _not_ seen before. (So there. Nyah!)

  2. I'm a little surprised to see you interested in bioshock. Never in a million years would I have picked you for a FPS gamer. Is this just the medication talking or are you looking forward to Halo too? I like the third person shooters myself, but the FPS make me car sick.

  3. Aaaand she's back!!

    You know you will have to post a picture of those boob ice packs. I wonder if they would work well on knees, Sarge would love some new knee ice packs.

  4. Mrs Snarkolepsy isn't in to Halo, but I am. I'm really looking forward to it, and pre-ordered it from Amazon about 6-months ago.

    Mrs S doesn't like Halo b/c there aren't enough pick-em-ups (besides Weapons). She likes FPSs where there are lots of different things to collect, and puzzles to solve, too.

  5. My computer sucks, so the best game I can play on it right now is solitaire, even then....eeeeh.

    However, if Piko sells 150 items from her school fundraiser catalog she'll get a Wii. Anyone want overpriced wrapping paper or ugly address labels?

  6. Glad you're doing so well. Seepage huh? Sounds... um... interesting...


  7. Davis - My gaming is pretty random. I might like Doom, and hate others in the genre. Like Mr S. says. I'm a pickum-up whore.

    But Oh! you must at least see how great Bioshock is though. I'm sure you've seen the commercials. The graphics are really nice. Low on repetition. And, how could you not like a game where one of the pickum-ups is coffee?

    Also.. its kind of twisted playing it after I just got out of surgery. Considering the content.

    MDG - Ice packs:

    I found a site that was selling individuals - not by the case. But I shot my wad surfing this morning already. Which is too bad because KC had these interesting knee ice packs. I look again later.

    So - how many points does Piko have?

    Personally I'd set up a little donation tab on your site. I've never known any kid that actually won any of those prizes. But maybe that just shows I'm not a team player.

    P.S. Everyone still loves solitaire. It's good mindless gaming. But still - no excuse to not have a wii. ;-)

    Caramaena - Thank you.

    Here let me translate for you. "interesting" Ew.. gross. why are you tell us that!

    Thankfully it was mostly temporary.