Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Todays Ruining the earth Story.

Oh people! You must wonder why I'm constantly on tilt with companies. You do wonder that don't you?

This is why.

Some adult-tard actually sent me a vacuum filter in a big giant box. And look at all that fucking packing material! The item in front of the filter is some Revlon color stay lipstick. I put it there for scale.

Vacuum filter - not breakable.

Oh! And get this. The filter, which by the way could have been put in a padded envelope - weighed less than an oz. The packing material weighed 3.7 ounces. Four times what the item weighed.

And! Wait for it. They charged me 8 fucking bucks for shipping.

I know you are saying "hey dumb ass". You knew you were paying 8 bucks for shipping. Yes.. I .....did.

These days, you sort of get used to paying inflated prices for shipping. Usually I grit my teeth and just pay it. But come on! What are these people thinking? Other than "hey sucker - here's your filter".

If they would have stuck the filter in an envelope, it wouldn't have even caught my eye. But, when a big box shows up with a tiny little item inside, you know I'm going to bitch about it.

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  1. o man that is so typical i get annoyed whenever i buy products that are meant to be miniaturized anyhow and yet the packaging is as big and extensive and complex as possible... all to create the big impression you're undergoing a major life experience as you unwrap your fantastic new purchase, know what I mean??

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    See you there someday hopefully

    All the best 2u



  2. This is a great blog series. I've always been frustrated with the unnecessary quantity of packing materials I have to deal with when, say, I receive a package of paper. Paper, people.

  3. ditto what monicker says - a great blog series. Heck you could even start a new blog and have others contribute!