Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fwd: Fw: Fw:

Why is it that old people can't get a single program on their computer working - yet they all can find the forward button?

Half the time they can't even send email. But when they do, you can bet its some letter they got from someone else. Filled with giant bouncing emoticons. And pictures of cherubic angels wistfully looking away in embarrassment for the sender.

I picture them saying " I know.. I cant believe they sent this picture either". They are always looking up at the sky, almost as if to roll their eyes.

You'd think it was a uniquely old woman thing to send these kinds of emails. But no.. old men send them too. Somehow old men turn into old women when it comes to forwarded emails.

This is the thing. Because they are old - you can't say shit to them about it. You have to say something like " oh - they mean well". And it spreads like a cancer. First one old person. Then the next.

I would rather see a trillion pieces of spam in my mailbox than one of these forwarded letters. At least spam isn't trying to steer my moral compass.


  1. I was going to forward you an e-mail that talked about this very thing, but now I don't think I will. And get off my lawn, you young punk kids!

  2. "And get off my lawn, you young punk kids!"

    Eh.. the pain ray gun gets the kids moving right along.


  3. And each person who forwards the message includes the TO: and CC: of all the people who were also sent the message. So by the time it makes it to you, there are 42 pages of email addresses, followed by 1 page of "message."

  4. Oh... yup. But, I'm pretty sure that is just narcissism on their part. It's the whole " look how many people want to talk to me " thing. Don't you think?

    But still comepletly annoying.