Saturday, August 04, 2007

I hear they're delicious!


  1. In the right context, I can see where they might actually be good, but you would want to be careful NOT to treat them as a typical breakfast pancake (care for some maple syrup on those?--Yecch!)

  2. Welcome retrocop!

    The funny thing was - our waitress was laughing with us about the new adjective filled menu's.

    I was looking at those, when I ran across the Clam Pancakes. So I became super fascinated. I can see people ordering them... but enough they get a whole "delicious" rating?

    She said a lot of people ordered them though.

    I personally became suspicious of the other ratings they gave everything. It was like they had told me sand pancakes were "yummy".

    She then told us she'd never seen anyone put syrup on a Dutch Baby. Which is basically a cross between a crepe and a pancake. How does that not deserve syrup?