Saturday, January 10, 2009

CES 09'. Cars - Part 2.

Part one here.

See what I mean? About being too busy.

Earlier this summer I noticed a lot of these flat black paint jobs. It must be trend.

This truck is always at CES. It is competing for the brown noise award. It is freaking loud. But I swear to you, this car was the loudest on the floor this year.

The sub-woofer was so powerful that when they started it up - it was disorienting. I couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from. I mean, it seemed like everywhere. When I finally tracked it down and stood right in back of of the car, the percussion made the bottom of my pants vibrate. I'm not even joking.

I was impressed. And I've been to some pretty loud concerts. I once lost hearing in my right ear for 3 days from and Anthrax concert.

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